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Actor Analyses

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In a world where future policies need to be negotiated between different interests and stakeholder groups it is increasingly important for private enterprises and their associations, for public decision-makers and NGOs, to perceive and analyse societal changes early on and to establish good and constructive stakeholder relations.

In its consulting work DIALOG BASIS plans and carries out actor analyses together with private, public and civil society organisations, on both national and international levels. Here we 

The DIALOG BASIS team possesses many years of experience in conducting stakeholder analyses, especially in the early stages of stakeholder dialogues and participative processes. We guarantee a neutral, scientifically grounded and professional consultation, drawing on our broad network of experts and our previous national and international work. 

Our actor analyses help our project partners to 

  • identify relevant stakeholders, their communication patterns, values, interests and goals 
  • reflect one’s own interests and challenges 
  • identify open questions, central issues and conflicts 
  • weigh different arguments and interests 
  • deal with dissent constructively and productively 
  • assess the need for further dialogue, different methods and expert opinions
  • formulate possible courses of action and
  • communicate  complex questions for the media and for greater public.