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Training Dialogue Management

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Dialogue management trainings are DIALOG BASIS’ core services. In our consulting work we draw on our extensive experience in dialogue management, conception and moderation of stakeholder and public dialogues, in education and training of students, middle management and executives.  

Private companies and public organisations today face the challenge of operating in an ever more transparent world. Activities of local and global enterprises as well as those from public organisations are constantly monitored by a network of NGOs, committed citizens and the media. Thanks to the omnipresence of information and communication, Internet and social media, mistakes in communication can hardly be corrected once they have been made. This requires close scrutiny of existing communication strategies and structures. 

In our dialogue management trainings we impart over 17 years of experience from the field of stakeholder dialogues and public participation. We develop tailored modules for actors from politics and public authorities, private enterprises and associations, scientific organizations and NGOs, including 

  • Basic elements of dialogue management 1 and 2 
  • Actor and context analyses 
  • Designing stakeholder and public dialogues 
  • Personal communication training 
  • Dialogue training for organization-specific issues and projects 
  • Public relations and stakeholder communication 

All our trainings can be carried out in German or in English. For more information just get in touch with us - we are glad to discuss Your organisation's needs.