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A non-profit institute for communication and cooperation research founded by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ortwin Renn in Stuttgart 2003, DIALOGIK works on a number of societally relevant topics and develops new approaches for risk communication. The primary goal of DIALOGIK is to build up knowledge on the possibilities of strategic communication and participatory processes in improving decision-making and –implementation in conflict situations. 

DIALOGIK systematically and pragmatically studies forms of communication and cooperation between politics, the economy and the civil society. Here DIALOGIK especially applies discursive research methods. 

DIALOGIK’s main areas of research include:

  • New approaches of risk communication as instruments of fair and effective management of chances and risks 
  • New communication instruments for the public healthcare 
  • Innovative forms of participation and conflict solving 
  • Pragmatic mediation in technical and environmental conflicts 
  • New communication methods for bringing together and enabling exchange between science and the public 
  • Integration of technology assessment and foresight activities into governance processes.

Antje Grobe, Viola Schetula and Mikko Rissanen have worked on different projects with DIALOGIK. In addition DIALOG BASIS continues to collaborate with Ortwin Renn through ZIRN (now ZIRIUS) at the University of Stuttgart

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