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  Building & Living 100%
  Building & Living Projekte Building & Living The urgency of  the challenge climate change ... BASIS  monitors closely emerging solutions for green building and living, aimed to save energy and resources. In ... weather events through measures in architecture, building and restoration.    Both emission reduction and ... following questions:  What counts as climate friendly
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  Themes 70%
  ...   GOVERNANCE  Risk Governance   Perception of Benefits and Risks   Sustainability   Insurability   FORESIGHT Information & Communication   Building & Living   Future Mobility   Cradle-2-Cradle   System of Systems   Prosumer 2.0   Ageing Society   Man-Machine-Cooperation   
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  Network 69%
  ... together.  Here we would also explicitly like to thank all our colleagues for the great collaboration in our joint projects in the past years, building up a large part of the expertise we today possess. 
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  Hessen-Nanotech: Workshop on Risk Communication 69%
  ... Especially companies need to be well-prepared for crisis and critical questions. In addition, an active communication strategy enables building up trust in the actors.  Key issues for succesful risk communication in nanotechnologies are thus:  Early and systematic identification of ...
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Path: /Themes/Technologies/Nanotechnologies/Projects/Hessen-Nanotech: Workshop on Risk Communication

  Foresight Processes 68%
  ... Future trends we work on include  Developments in  Information & Communication , Internet and Social Media  Profound changes in the field of  Building & Living , sustainable urban life  Future Mobility   Sustainability  and  Life Cycle Management   Management of overlapping systems   Future ...
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Path: /Methods/Early-Warning-Systems/Foresight Processes

  Public Participation 67%
  ... early on.  Not only does the (German) law require participation of the public in different phases of public planning procedures (§3 Federal Building Code; §5 & §14 Environmental Impacts Assessment Act), but political theorists stress its necessity too: If trust in political and economic ... the pace and unpredictability of internet-based communication Participants’ diverging expectations for the dialogue: Co-deciding vs. acceptance
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Path: /Methods/Participation/Public Participation

  basis_en 67%
  ... the public perception of their benefits and risks and on new democratic forms of participation. Results from different fields of sciences are building the basis of our dialogue projects. We are merging  high methodological expertise in the conception, organisation and moderation  of public and ...
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Path: basis_en

  MLR Consumer Conference 64%
  ... and discussed with over 200 participants in six dialogue stations: medicine, food and food packaging, cosmetics, textiles, automotive and building and living.  The  Documentation of the conference (in German)  is available online. During the conference the participants generated concrete ...
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Path: /Themes/Technologies/Nanotechnologies/Projects/MLR Consumer Conference

  Consumer Study 2012 63%
  ... and communicating the criteria for quality and safety testing transparently  Making current state of research and relevant stakeholders known  Building up easily understood, exciting information for the media as well as neutral, science-based internet databases Publication of information on ...
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  ... concept into small, family-friendly distances, use of local public transportation and a climate-friendly, green office too.  The energy-plus building of Breitwasenring 15 in Dettenhausen offers room for talks, workshops and seminars and for our daily work too – even outside, when the weather ...
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