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  Energy & Climate 100%
  Energy & Climate Projekte Veröffentlichungen Vorträge Climate & Energy CLIMATE CHANGE AND NATURAL DISASTERS  Climate change ... of political will and revision of our public values.  ENERGY TRANSITION Since 2011 the transformation of the energy system and the withdrawal from nuclear energy have dominated the political discussion in Germany. ... the economy.  If the planned, tight schedule of the
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  Goverscience Seminar 82%
  Goverscience Seminar Projekte Veröffentlichungen Vorträge Goverscience Seminar on Energy and the Environment Goverscience Seminar on Energy and the Environment von der Europäischen Kommission (DG Research) analysierte die unter dem ... war  Viola Schetula  für  Dialogik  eingeladen.  Link zum Bericht Goverscience Seminar on
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  Projekte 78%
  ... in einem weltweiten Vergleich. Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, Bereich innere Medizin: Diverse quantitative Analysen. Mit der Firma energyplace erarbeitet Christian Schneider derzeit eine quantitative Untersuchung zum Thema „Energie neu denken. Eine Studie zur Wahrnehmung des Verbrauchs und effizienter Nutzung.“. Link: http://www.
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  CEFIC Roundtable 2012 73%
  ... on benefits and risks of concrete nanotechnological products, which could provide clear benefits in environmental technologies, resource and energy efficiency or energy storage technologies. The participating companies are asked to present quantifiable benefits as well as results from safety research.  The ...
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  CEFIC Roundtable 2011 72%
  ... and risks of such concrete nanotechnology products, which promise improvements in the environmental technologies, resource conservation, energy efficiency or energy storage. With the roundtable CEFIC continued its stakeholder dialogue from 2008 and lay the focus on products with clear societal benefits.  ...
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  Goverscience Seminar 71%
  ... WASKLIM Goverscience Seminar BMU Konferenz zur nationalen Anpassungsstrategie Bürgerforum Energieland Hessen EU-Projekt Goverscience Seminar on Energy and the Environment Das Goverscience Seminar on Energy and the Environment wurde von der Europäischen Kommission in Brüssel initiiert, um die bestehenden Forschungsprojekte in diesem Themenfeld zu ...
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  Vorträge 69%
  ... Januar 2012, Hofheim am Taunus.  12/ 2011 Schetula, Viola : Seminar in Kooperation mit Prof. Ortwin Renn zum Thema: The transformation of Energy Policies: Implications for Risk Governance, Communication and Stakeholder Participation im Auftrag der Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) auf der Jahreskonferenz in Charleston / South Carolina (USA). 07/2011 Schetula, Viola : Innovative methods of communication: Public participation in
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  Johannes Th. Nöldeke 67%
  ... University of Erfurt. He completed his studies with the masterthesis „Trassenkampf – Resistance against the grid expansion as part of the energy transition. The reform of the participation praxis as the rescue of a composite work“.  Since April 2014, as a project manager, moderator and ... BASIS team. His main area of responsability is the supervision of projects related to topics such as infrastructure, urban development and
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  Themes 65%
  ... from the media.  DIALOG BASIS provides its scientifically and methodologically based services on the following issues:  TECHNOLOGIES Energy & Climate   Nanotechnologies Genetic Engineering   Stem Cell Research   Brain Research   GOVERNANCE  Risk Governance   Perception of Benefits ...
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  Dr. Antje Grobe 65%
  ... Antje Grobe M.A. has been conducting stakeholder dialogues and public participation processes related to socio-technological issues such as energy transition and climate change, nanotechnologies, genetic engineering, stem cell and brain research, for more than 17 years. She was a member of ... and international research projects on risk perception and risk assessment related to emergent technologies; especially to nanotechnologies,
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