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Crisis Communication

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The DIALOG BASIS team offers various educational and training modules on conflict management and crisis communication. 

Helmut Elbert, Senior Consultant at DIALOG BASIS, brings in over 30 years of experience on crisis communication in the international chemical industry. He actively develops and builds up training modules, which set standards for corporate action in crises and conflicts nationally and internationally. 

DIALOG BASIS provides different stakeholders with following tools and modules: 

  • Communication in Difficult Situations and Contexts 
  • Communication Instruments 1: Press Releases, Statements, Interviews, Press Conferences 
  • Communication Instruments 2: Social Media 
  • Self-Assurance in Front of Cameras and Microphones 1: Basics
  • Self-Assurance in Front of Cameras and Microphones 2: Advanced Stage 
  • Self-Assurance in Front of Cameras and Microphones 3: Emergency Management 
  • Self-Assurance in Front of Cameras and Microphones 3: Issues Management 
  • Organisational Tools for Issues and Emergency Management 

    • Organising Crisis Communication 
    • Organisational Communication Instruments 
    • Task Forces: Danger Avertion, Emergency Organisation and Infrastructure 
    • Behaviour Training in Crisis Situation (incl. Receptionists, Switchboard Personnel, Security, Staff and Executives)
    • Practical Tips for Crises and Conflicts 
    • Practical Trainings on Emergency Management (incl. Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services) 
    • How Secure Is My Organisation (Check / Consultation)? 

  • Consultation / Support in All Questions Related to Emergency Management 

Our modules and tools for crisis communication can easily be combined with trainings or consultations on proactive stakeholder communication and on dialogue training.