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Focus Groups

DIALOG BASIS works with Focus Groups in its various national and international projects. Depending on the questions asked and goals set, the groups’ participants are chosen carefully. Socio-economic characteristics like age, gender, education or location are used to build up representative Focus Groups. Or, sometimes we just work with random samples of consumers. 

For instance in the EU-Project NanoCode Antje Grobe's team organised Focus Group workshops in Germany; further groups were guided and moderated by project partners in France, England, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Argentina, South Africa and Korea.

The DIALOG BASIS team consists of experienced moderators who have planned and carried out focus group workshop on national and international levels. We have used Focus Groups in our climate change and energy, sustainability and education projects. Our workshops are characterised by their results-oriented and structured nature and by professional moderation, guaranteeing a balanced access to discussion for all Focus Group members.  At the University of Stuttgart, Dr. Antje Grobe teaches her students the techniques of Focus Group moderation. 

Our office in Dettenhausen-Tuebingen can accommodate workshop groups of up to 20 participants – either around one table or in smaller groups working parallel. The fact that we can organise workshops in our own rooms helps us to guarantee a supportive working climate from the beginning on.