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Internet Platforms

Internet platforms make it possible to disseminate information for large groups of interested stakeholders and consumers. Thus internet platforms can foster public discussion on societally important topics, such as emerging technologies, their chances and risks or broad cross-sectoral questions such as climate change.  

At the moment DIALOG BASIS manages and updates two different internet platforms that both characterize our work. Our key competences here include  

  • Target-group –specific analyses: “Who needs what kind of information from whom?” 
  • High scientific knowledge in searching, analysing and re-writing relevant information 
  • Excellent communicative competences – Discussing complex issues in a clear and understandable way 

Below we present the two ongoing projects mentioned; the information portal, directed at small and mid-level enterprises and the interactive consumer platform, picking up and answering consumer questions on nanotechnologies presented at the Consumer Congress “Small Particles – Big Questions!”.