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Complex technological questions and cross-sectoral future challenges require new forms of participation. Inclusion of different stakeholder groups and citizens is necessary, if broad public programs or infrastructure projects are to be effectively carried out. Today politicians and public officials as well as companies, corporations and trade unions, science, NGOs and churches are responding to the challenge and opening their opinion- and decision-making processes. 

The current challenges of our society, from energy transition and responsible handling of new technologies’ chances and risks to demographic changes can only be solved through a broad inclusion of different interest groups, men and women. Public and private decision-makers are enabled to 

  • broaden their own knowledge base and to evaluate the existing knowledge from different perspectives 
  • reflect on, complement and extend existing policies, solutions and regulatory processes 
  • design new approaches in cooperation with different stakeholders 
  • improve transparency and information and communication structures, responding to the needs and expectations of today’s consumers and citizens   
  • build up trust in one’s own organization 
  • contribute to the development of an up-to-date democracy  

DIALOG BASIS team members possess many years of experience in designing and carrying out participative processes, both stakeholder dialogues and dialogues with the public. We profit from our experiences in Switzerland and in Scandinavia and transfer participative methods from these countries to our projects in Germany and on the European level.  

The following pages provide an overview of our projects, publications and lectures in the area of participation, divided in