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Creative Methods

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Think outside the box! 

Often the success of participatory processes depends on the participants’ ability to unfold their communicative potential, to open themselves up and to build on the expertise of others. Yet it remains the moderator’s task to push people forward. 

As a methodically experienced team of moderators DIALOG BASIS uses a number of creative methods, which help to 

  • discuss complex technological or societal issues 
  • develop scenarios and outline desired futures
  • put oneself in someone else’s position 
  • broaden perspectives and evaluate current approaches 
  • reflect and work on existing conflicts 
  • drive innovations forward 

For us as dialogue designers and moderators it is clear that 

  • the selected format needs to support the dialogue’s goals seamlessly 
  • creative methods must serve the results-oriented dialogue, not distract the participants 
  • shows or mind games have no place in a serious dialogues based on mutual trust 
  • all participants and their contributions are met with respect 

Creative methods are used to bring people smile while working together, not to make someone look silly. To fulfill these requirements a high level of moderation competence is needed. DIALOG BASIS uses and combines following methods, which have already proved themselves in numerous conferences, panel discussions, Think Tanks, stakeholder dialogues and public participation processes: 

  • Arena Moderation / Double Arena 
  • Visual Facilitation 
  • Improvisation Theater 
  • Wall Papers 
  • Cloud Tags 
  • Mini-Scenarios 
  • Mood / Innovation / Future Imaging 
  • Press Conference Simulations 
  • Changing Shoes 

We adapt and further develop our method palette according to the wishes and goals of our project partners, carefully assessing the group dynamics among the participants. And sometimes we just change the surroundings where to meet, so that the dialogue is brought back on track.