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Experts on the EU and international levels

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Thanks to our scientific engagement, the DIALOG BASIS team members and network partners are invited to serve as experts for various national and international organisations and bodies. We take part in advisory boards, serve as keynote speakers and contribute to publications in the fields of 

More information on our specific activities You will find on our vitae. Together as a team we profit from our extensive, cross-sectoral expertise. Summing up, as experts DIALOG BASIS team members have taken part  in 

  • various “Responsible Innovation” and nanotechnologies initiatives of different Directorate-Generals of the European Commission, especially under the Science and Society Programme of the DG Research and Innovation (ongoing) 
  • the advisory board “Society and Technology” of the Association of German Engineers (ongoing) 
  • the Think Tank 30 of the German Association of the Club of Rome (ongoing) 
  • Swiss Federal Council’s expert group on nanotechnologies (ongoing) 
  • the advisory board of the EU project NanoOpinion (ongoing) 
  • the German Federal Government’s NanoCommission, being responsible for drafting out the closing reports 2009 and 2011 
  • the EU project FramingNano (completed)
  • the EU project NanoObservatory (completed)
  • the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) in Geneva (completed) 
  • the OECD Working Party on Nanotechnology (WPN), within the OECD Policy Roundtable Risk Governance, Policy for Nanotechnology (completed) 
  • various workshops of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) in the USA (completed).