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Nachhaltigkeit Max Klose DIALOG BASIS
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Schrott Max Klose DIALOG BASIS
ThinkTank gdv DIALOG BASIS

The concept ‘Cradle-2-Cradle’ refers to a sound, sustainable circulation of products and materials in our consumption systems. Global developments such as climate change and scarcity of resources force us to re-think and change our ways of producing and consuming.  

In a Cradle-2-Cradle –economy the whole product life cycle is addressed: How materials are used to make consumer goods, how and by whom these are used and how they are fed back to the system as material for something new. These efficiently managed material cycles foster sustainability in the society. In addition to using scarce materials responsibly and further developing renewable and  biodegradable ones, a number of social issues need to be considered here: 

  • What counts as necessary, desirable and sustainable consumption? 
  • How can we take steps towards "using instead of possessing"? 
  • How does producing and retailing change in the future? 
  • What kind of services and business models are needed in a Cradle-2-Cradle –economy? 
  • What changes in the consumers' mindsets are here necessary? How can we influence changes in psychological and social value systems? 

The core questions here make clear that the development of a Cradle-2-Cradle –economy requires both technical innovations as well as social change towards resource-saving consumption. 

With its project partners DIALOG BASIS searches for new approaches and concepts that foster these changes in production and consumption. Here we profit from our many years of experience in researching and communicating social impacts of technological developments.  

In our Think Tank Climate Change and within the foresight project STRATCLU, in cooperation with the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, the team of DIALOG BASIS developed further approaches to Cradle-2-Cradle, as well as to other future topics System of SystemsProsumer 2.0 and Man-Machine-Cooperation.