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Hochspannung Max Klose DIALOG BASIS
Elektromobil Quelle:InnoCNT
Computer Max Klose DIALOG BASIS
Wohnstruktur  Max Klose DIALOG BASIS
Solardach Max Klose DIALOG BASIS

Complex technological solutions in living, health, consumption and mobility are already part of our everyday lives. One can hardly imagine what business, private communication and entertainment would look like without the omnipresent technological appliances and gadgets – each with their own hardware and software systems. This technologisation increases the need for effective coordination and steering of theses systems. 

For the consumer, this challenge manifests itself as errors, vulnerability of appliances and incompability of databases. Future concepts for power generation, mobility, communication, decentralized data storage and production all generate more and more overlapping technical systems. These individual systems pose challenges for the development of overlaying, coordinating ones: "Systems-of-Systems". 

The embedded systems described carry out more and more complicated controlling functions but are also getting more and more complex. The task of coordinating them appropriately and securely bring together not only technicians from various disciplines but also designers and end users. Thus a "System-of-Systems" –approach needs to be a dialogic one, where standards and interfaces are developed interdisciplinary. 

DIALOG BASIS as an experienced designer of technical-social dialogues works together with entrepreneurs, research & development experts and the scientific community in order to develop concepts for effective embedded systems. 

Within the STRATCLU project, in cooperation with the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, the team of DIALOG BASIS carried out workshops and together with the participants of the foresight process developed concepts to System-of-Systems, as well as to other foresight issues Cradle-2-CradleProsumer 2.0 and Man-Machine-Cooperation