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Perception of Chances and Risks

Hochspannung Max Klose DIALOG BASIS
Forschung pitopia Alex Raths
Stuttgart21 Max Klose DIALOG BASIS
Windkraft Max Klose DIALOG BASIS
Quelle: Wettbewerb Nano&Art

Public acceptance of technologies and large infrastructure projects mainly depends on public perception of chances and risks, on societal and psychological value systems as well as on the public communication carried out during the course of action.   

In its quantitative and qualitative analyses, population surveys, focus group studies and media analyses on the perception of chances and risks DIALOG BASIS draws on a broad knowledge base from communication sciences, sociology and psychology. Our personal connections and work at the universities of Stuttgart and St. Gallen allow us to closely follow recent scientific developments and connect to further research capabilities. 

Through the right hand side navigation You will soon find DIALOG BASIS team members’ projects, lectures and publications on the Perception of Chances and Risks. Here we either draw comparisons between different risk debates or focus on specific technological issues.