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Risk Governance

In the area of Risk Governance DIALOG BASIS works closely with Prof. Dr. Dr. Ortwin Renn of the University of Stuttgart and Dialogik. A leading figure of the field on both national and international levels, his four-step model of Risk Governance describes how risks can be assessed and handled in a responsible way, despite insecurity, complexity and ambiguity of expert opinions. The model equally incorporates both natural and social scientific risk assessment methods. 

The Risk Governance model (presented below) can be applied to recent public debates on technical developments, such as genetic engineering or nanotechnologies. The model describes four phases of risk assessment and management and adopts stakeholder communication its central dimension, to be conducted in all phases of Risk Governance (Source: IRGC, White Paper on Risk Governance – Towards and Integrative Approach, Genf, 2005). 

In its research and practical dialogue projects DIALOG BASIS draws on Prof. Renn’s model and develops further approaches in cooperation with him. Through right hand side navigation You will find our projects, lectures and publications in the area of Risk Governance. 

Download the IRGC White Paper