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New technologies are offering promising possibilities and difficult challenges for the society at the same time. Coping with increasing complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity of expert opinions is a difficult task for all the different societal drivers such as policy makers, public authorities, science, economy and Civil Society Organisations. Additionally, the way in which we as a society deal with emerging technologies, their benefits and risks and the way of getting informed has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. 

DIALOG BASIS organises and moderates dialogues and events on different technological and scientific issues. We accompany innovation processes and ask the necessary questions about their social impacts, potential conflicts, benefits and risks. Our aim is to offer a science based dialogue platform as an early warning system, for a fair and professial facilitated exchange with all stakeholders involved.

As an organization with a strong scientific background, we base on the professional expertise of our team members and of our network partners. We work closely with experts from various universities on national and international level, for example for the European Commission, the OECD, the WHO and the United Nations. In the end, the success of our dialogue projects however relies on our fundamental understanding of technological and social processes. 

Our website provides an overview of selected dialogue and research projects, events, guest lectures and panel moderations as well as our publications on following themes: