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Climate & Energy

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Climate change and the resulting natural disasters count as the largest global challenge of our time. Huge efforts must be made if CO2 emissions are to be reduced and climate change slowed down. 

In addition to mitigating climate change, our societies need to prepare for its consequences early enough: for natural disasters such as heavy rains, storms, floods, hailstorms or droughts. In the coming years and decades these risks will become decisive in Europe as well and force us to renew and secure our infrastructure. Necessary actions for mitigation and adaptation require both huge amounts of political will and revision of our public values. 


Since 2011 the transformation of the energy system and the withdrawal from nuclear energy have dominated the political discussion in Germany. Politics, public authorities, industries and NGOs have all engaged in the discussion on effects on the climate, European electricity market and to the economy. 

If the planned, tight schedule of the energy transformation is to be followed, decisions made on federal, national and municipal level need to be coordinated well. Contributions from the civil society, from the scientific and economic communities need to be integrated to public actions. As public acceptance plays a significant part here, all stakeholders need to involve the greater public, the ordinary citizen, in their decision-making and follow the principles of transparency, participation and democracy